A personal side to our primary home care services.

What Blue Can Do

The BlueBird spectrum of home care services is available for patients who qualify for senior, developmental or physical care.

As home care providers, the BlueBird team assists with finding the right home care services for every patient. Personal aides, medical professionals, and companions are sourced and matched by way of an assigned care coordinator. Your care coordinator is there at every step of the way, matching needs with services and fear with reassurance.

When searching a list of home health agencies, you should know about the home care services that can make every day easier, more comfortable and more efficient in terms of care. More than just a private duty nurse agency, BlueBird is about real people providing real services.

Meet Grandma

Meet Grandma. She is 85 and highly motivated. Grandma knits, makes the very finest pies on the East Coast and loves to tend to her pansies and begonias. At her age, Grandma is relatively active but she could use a hand. Being alone is no longer an option but Grandma wants to choose her companion. She now has Bree, an in-home caregiver that respects and assists Grandma as she continues doing what she does best. Bree and Grandma take neighborhood strolls, shop at the farmer’s market and bake chicken pot pie. Bree even reminds Grandma to take her meds so that she can have peace of mind every day.

Meet Emily

Meet Emily. She lost the use of her legs during a car accident 2 years ago, but Emily isn’t one to take things lightly. Instead, she inspires others and continues to go to school, art classes and mentorship programs. Emily lives life to the fullest, but her BlueBird aide, Ava, is always at her side. She appreciates Emily’s acute sense of humor and became a fast friend. While Ava is a per diem home health physical therapist, she is a BlueBird therapist who is focused on making a difference. Emily knows she can’t do everything alone, but she is grateful to have Ava in her life for home care physical therapy that goes way beyond the session.

Meet Brandon

Meet Brandon. He is as special as the condition that defines his capabilities. Ever since Nate became his caregiver, Brandon’s smile hasn’t left his face. He has a love of life quite unlike any other and the enthusiasm is infectious. Brandon is an adult with developmental disabilities that finally lives with the right person who addresses his every need. Nate lives with Brandon and laughs with Brandon. He shares and truly cares. To the casual observer, Brandon and Nate appear to be brothers. In fact, they’re more than that. Brandon’s hand clutches Nate’s tightly and together they prove that everything is possible when cared for with love.

Senior Care

In-home senior care that matters

At BlueBird, in-home senior care includes unique calibers of care and companionship that match every patient’s level of activity, medical condition or pain management. For some, live in senior care is about shopping, cooking, and homemaking. For others, it’s the basic hygiene and maintenance that requires assistance in the form of home-based care for senior citizens. Finding a caregiver is an important step and every aspect of service at BlueBird is handled with care and delivered with excellence. We wouldn’t have it any other way.-

Physical Care

The best in-home care physical therapy

At BlueBird, every physical impairment is matched by a caretaker who alleviates pain, addresses therapy and assists with the tasks that need a hand. There are manybenefits of home health physical therapy, including convenience and zero travel time. Care coordinators get involved to provide nurses or therapists that specialize in physical therapy exercises for a better long-term experience. Whether you received physician orders for home health therapy or require specific continued care, experience the unique level of physical therapy at BlueBird. It’s another commitment to excellence.

Developmental Care

Revolutionary care for adults with developmental disabilities

At BlueBird, caretakers provide a wide range of care for adults with developmental disabilities. Great emphasis is placed on the compatibility of patient to aide so that each individual reaches his/ her full potential and gets the very best they possibly can. Care coordinators know that lives depend on their level of excellence, which is why the compatibility process is intense and personal when helping adults with learning disabilities. The most common developmental disabilities and most complex ones are all matched with the right professionals, addressing key symptoms of learning disabilities and cognitive impairment. Developmental care often requires constant assistance in the form of 24/7 live in caregivers, yet the BlueBird commitment remains focused on helping adults with learning disabilities and is achieved via patience and professionalism with its very best approach.