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About Self

BlueBird is a family name in home care and our clients are the choice behind the care they select. While every care plan is different, we’ve introduced BlueBird Self for the complete resources and assistance with consumer directed home care. The coordinators at Self, assist clients with program selections and benefits, while clients remain in control of the selection of care and caregiver.

They call it a choice. We call it progress.

Note to self: Talk to our care coordinators about the benefits and compliance guidelines for CDPAP. It’s important to assess your capabilities, options and needs before proceeding with self directed home care.

Self Awareness

When you can no longer do everything on your own, you know it’s time to seek home care assistance.

Home care can be helpful when recovering from surgery, requiring help with basic tasks or seeking companionship for long and lonely days. You may feel hesitant about enlisting the help of a total stranger. Trusting strangers and inviting them into your home can be uncomfortable. Your own daughter may be eligible to be your caregiver and the possibilities are endless. Knowing she can get paid to be at your side, peace of mind becomes your constant companion. It’s important to find out all the information you need about BlueBird Self’s consumer directed home care services.

My children were worried about me. When I lost Sol, my days seemed longer and my nights seemed endless. I had a hard time keeping my house in order and couldn’t get my mind off Sol’s absence. I refused to allow an aide into my home, although my house has seen better days. I would often eat ready packaged meals and neglected my health. When my daughter came home with the BlueBird CDPAP brochure it seemed too good to be true. Ann had a part time job as a cashier at the deli and was spreading herself thin to be with me on her breaks and evenings. BlueBird helped us enroll Ann and she is now my official PA. Ann now has a full time job to be with me and I haven’t stopped smiling since. Being with family is truly the best medicine and I finally got my life back.
Ever since I can remember, Uncle Paul was the downstairs neighbor who handed out candies whenever we were around. All of the neighborhood children lovingly named him ‘uncle’ and he doted on us like a real uncle would. As an official home attendant, I would spend my day with my patient and then drop by Uncle Paul’s home to discuss the day and play a game of chess.Paul would then listen to whatever was on my mind and always had some practical advice or witty remark to share. I loved hanging out with Paul and when it was time for him to get help, the team at BlueBird helped me become his caregiver. Uncle Paul made the choice to have me as his PA and I’m humbled to be giving back to a man that means so much to me. It’s only natural for loved ones to go the extra mile and I am more than just his caregiver. To uncle Paul, I’m like family. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to make his world a better place every day.

CDPAP Explained

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is how clients get to completely be in charge of their care. Choosing a caregiver becomes about selecting a family member or friend and knowing he/ she will get paid for the hours provided. Consumer directed home care enables clients to have complete authority and flexibility when supervising the care that they feel comfortable with. Grandchildren can get paid for shoveling the snow on a cold winter day. Family friends can be hired to prepare a hearty casserole and pitch in with the laundry.

They can be compensated for their time while spending it in the presence of the people they love and respect. The client and his/her family get to make all decisions in terms of care, with BlueBird Self handling all administrative work for self directed care. It makes the home care process more accessible and all the more special.

The individual who is eligible to receive care.

The consumer’s relative or guardian which is authorized to make decisions on his/her behalf.

The selected caregiver who is responsible for the consumer’s care.


The agency which acts as the go-between for consumer and personal assistant, processing payroll and tax deductions, as well as PA benefits.


The tasks of individual care and assistance for home care consumers.


You may qualify:

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Your Fiscal Intermediary (FI):

Here’s everything you need to know about a Fiscal Intermediary. The regulations of Medicaid mandate an official Fiscal Intermediary to be in charge of payroll management and other administrative duties for all self directed care. The authenticity of the program is dependent on a recognized intermediary between consumer and PA. Processing wages and benefits, as well as taxes and withholdings, the FI handles all payments and reports so that only the pleasantries remain within the family. Knowing that billing is out of the equation, the self directed care process becomes productive and comfortable for all parties involved.
Take care. We’ll help.

  • Processing wages and benefits
  • Processing taxes and withholdings
  • Complying with insurance requirements
  • Maintaining records and reports
  • Guaranteeing program compliance
  • Educating consumers and families about program criteria


Is CDPAP the right choice for everyone?

When making a decision regarding home care, it’s important to be open and honest about your health, surroundings and capabilities. Recruiting a caregiver for home care services should be a personal preference and well thought decision. In the event that CDPAP is not an option for you, a BlueBird home health aide may be required for home care services. Click here to find out more.

Who qualifies for CDPAP and what are the benefits?

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) presents the ability for a consumer or designated representative (DR) to voluntarily select a caregiver he/she feels comfortable with and the selected family member or friend gets compensated for the services provided. Eligible family members, friends or acquaintances may enroll in the program. To check qualifications, refer to our eligibility checklist.

Benefits of CDPAP may include:

  • Choose a caregiver you trust
  • Be surrounded by family and friends
  • Be in control of your care
  • Continue to be self reliant
  • Live the life you really want
  • Be reassured that your caregiver is receiving compensation for his/her time

Do I get to choose my caregiver?

Consumers get to select the family member or acquaintance they want for their care as long as the candidate is eligible under the CDPAP guidelines. It’s also important to know that a designated representative may not be your PA.

Do I need to worry about paying the caregiver?

Part of the CDPAP program is the requirement of a Fiscal Intermediary which takes care of the payroll and taxes for caregivers. While you get to be in charge of the care and schedule, you don’t get the hassle of payroll, taxes or other administrative responsibilities for authorized service hours.


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