A commitment to home care like no other.

A commitment to home care like no other.

When it’s time to seek adult home care services, it’s difficult to know what to ask and look out for. BlueBird Home Care is a home care agency which prides itself on the difference that is our guiding mission. Questions such as ‘does Medicaid cover home care?’ and ‘how can I get customer service in healthcare when seeking a home health aide?’ are what we address before we even get started.

We take the definition of home care seriously so that you can bring better options of care home.

The Home Care Agency For Anyone Seeking Care at Home.

She started seeking a home care agency for the very best in live-in care. With so many questions about cost, insurance set up and aide options, Grandma was at a loss until she found BlueBird Home Care, the NY based home care agency that was available to discuss her every concern in regard to elder care resources. While Grandma was afraid of navigating the world of senior care services alone, she didn’t need to. Her assigned BlueBird care coordinator assisted every step of the way until she found Bree…

She’s an average student with an above average IQ. Emily needed to find a home care agency because of an accident that left her confined to a wheelchair. Different than home care for the elderly, Emily needed an aide to help her get to class and live her life. With a list of home care services, all she really needed was the right agency that would listen to what she wanted in a home care aide. Emily’s care coordinator guided her until the day she found Ava…

He needed help finding a home care agency but couldn’t do it alone. For Brandon, it was his family that helped him find BlueBird. What Brandon’s mom loved about BlueBird was the difference in communication and personal edge that set it remarkably apart from other home care agencies. Getting to know Brandon and his individual needs, the team at BlueBird went beyond the standards of a home care agency and listened to Brandon’s wishes until the day he found Nate…

It’s always the right time.

As a home care agency with a personal approach to caregivers and patients, we’re always available to address your concerns. Knowing about options for 24-hour in-home care costs, as well as options of coverage and availability, are part of BlueBird’s customer service in health care and home care.

A BlueBird care coordinator will be glad to explain more of what our home care agency can do for you.

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The home care agency that truly cares.


Think you have what it takes? We think so too. The BlueBird promise is only as great as our team. As a home care agency on a mission, we are always looking to hire talent and our definition of talent is ‘compassion’. If you are looking for ways to love, care and make a difference, we just might have the perfect home care jobs available for you.