How to Choose a Home Caregiver Position Wisely

home caregiver position

Why the right home caregiver position depends on the home care agency you choose.


Selecting a home caregiver position with benefits.


Here’s why being a home health aide just got more value.

You’ve completed or are completing your training and want to find the right place of employment. In order to land a job as a certified home health aide, you must find the right home care agency to get started.

Home health agencies offer different benefits, but most will lure you by advertising generic benefits that you should and would be receiving at any HR facility. It’s important to dodge the consolation prize and know what you really want to get.

The most important thing a home health aide or personal care assistant can ask for is an environment that truly listens. Having the managers and coordinators on your side makes everything so much simpler, efficient and comfortable for everybody involved. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions that are on your mind. After all, you will be responsible for someone’s care and you want to be well prepared.

Things to consider when seeking a home caregiver position:


  • HHA salary:

Compare rates and be prepared before making a decision as a caregiver. Calculate hours and shift rotations, as well as the close proximity to where you live.

  • HHA hours:

You may be employed by the week or take shifts on a per diem basis. Either way, do the math to figure out commute time and actual hours on the job. Do you want to do a 12-hour shift or stay the night and be a full-time caregiver? Do you want to rotate shifts between facility hours and home care hours?

  • HHA benefits:

Some of what to look out for may include benefits such as shift flexibility and paid vacation days. Feeling like you belong and make a difference are empowerment benefits that make shifts seem shorter and jobs more rewarding. A home care agency that has a value system which appreciates its staff is one worth looking into.

  • HHA community:

You will end up spending most of your wake and some of your sleeping hours on the job. Belonging to a network of caregivers can give you so much productivity and the ability to do more and feel appreciated.

Home care agencies may feature events, free training, and bonuses that make you want to belong. Help is available via many online channels and the AARP has listed a local caregiver resource guide categorized by state which can help you find out more about your options.

It’s always about making patients lives better, but a place of employment that is 100% patient-oriented and 0% caregiver oriented can never truly give it their all.  After all, ‘satisfied employees will translate to satisfied clients’.

For a home care agency, a satisfied caregiver will make the world a better place for seniors, while offering better care for adults with developmental disabilities or physical limitations

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